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CBD oil is taking the world by storm these days and with good reason. It is used by many people for various reasons. It has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, improves certain skin conditions, aids insomnia and helps people with anxiety.

What is CBD?

CBD refers to Cannabidiol, a compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Just to be clear CBD is perfectly legal in the UK and CBD cannot get you high. The Cannabis sativa plant is a complex thing, there are 113 identified cannabinoids (specific compounds) that have so far been discovered in the plant. The only two we need to be aware of here are CBD and THC.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is the chemical in cannabis that makes you high. is the other relevant compound, this is the one that gets you high. There is no THC in any CBD products available in the UK.

CBD is available in a wide range of products, including oil, face creams, drinks, gummies, capsules, chocolates and many more.

Why use CBD oil for massage?

The cannabinoids in CBD massage oil helps to reduce inflammation and soothes muscles. This makes it very effective at providing relief from painful joints and muscles. People who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, back pain, and so much more can reap the many benefits of a CBD oil massage.

The human body contains a complex network of neurotransmitters and cannabinoid receptors known as the endocannabinoid receptor system (ECS). Research suggests that cannabinoids and the ECS may play a role in many bodily processes and that the skin contains cannabinoid receptors.

CBD helps to ease and relax your muscles as the cannabinoids enter our endocannabinoid system via the skin.

(Some of) the many benefits of using cbd

Pain Relief

CBD can be an effective pain reliever. The research carried out so far on CBD products and pain management has been promising.

A CBD massage is a great choice for treating localised pain. The CBD works alongside the therapeutic benefits of the massage to ease tension and

Arthritis relief

Cannabinoids are potent anti-inflammatory agents and therefore could provide real benefits to help relieve inflammation, swelling and pain commonly associated with arthritis.

Despite the fact that CBD is relatively new to the mainstream market there are already a number of completed studies about the effects of CBD on arthritis with positive results.

“The body has two CBD receptors (that we know of): CB1 and CB2, when applied to skin, CBD interacts with these receptors to turn down the inflammatory response. ”

Robert Dellavalle, MD, PhD,

Skin care

The CBD massage oil that I use is designed to leave skin feeling soft and moisturised, while delivering CBD topically to the muscles and joints. The CBD is combined with organic lavender, helichrysum and ginger essential oils for a really relaxing massage experience.

CBD itself is a fantastic moisturiser. CBD massage oil contains hemp which conditions the skin making it supple and soft. People who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis or even just dry skin, can benefit from it.

“CBD may play a role in hydrating the skin and have anti-inflammatory effects, so using a product that contains CBD might help with treating dry skin or certain inflammatory skin disorders.”

Dr. Nima Gharavi, dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD soothe the skin and reduce the pain of some skin conditions as well.


If you suffer from anxiety or stress you could also benefit from a CBD massage. CBD oil is hailed for its ability to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, and a massage could be the most effective use of it.

A CBD massage gives you time to pause, to let your mind be still. The CBD works hand in hand with the massage to help you reset your mind and body.

Recent studies have shown that CBD can help with PTSD symptoms, such as having nightmares and replaying negative memories.


Lack of sleep can cause so many health and wellbeing problems. If your sleep isn't happening then everything else in your life can seem to fall apart.

Of course there are many reasons why you may not be able to sleep, but if you are regularly finding yourself sleeping poorly then a CBD massage may be a useful tool to ease your mind and body into a more restful state.

Has this tempted you to try a CBD massage for your next treatment?

I use a 1000mg CMD massage oil (to put this in context, most high street brands are between 50 - 350mg) that is organically grown in Europe.

The CBD is blended with essential oils and sweet almond oil, making it a perfect massage oil for any holistic massage.

If you would like to try a full body CBD massage then book in for a 60 or 90 minute holistic massage and upgrade it to a CBD treatment for £10 more. Click here to book!

If you are struggling with a specific injury and would like to try CBD for just this area then select a targeted CBD treatment for £5 more. Click here to book!

(CBD not available for Hot Stones, Lymphatic Drainage or Traditional Thai Foot treatments)


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