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Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage

This is a slightly shorter and more targeted treatment for the head, face, neck and shoulders. It's a wonderful combination of targeted relief and blissful relaxation.

face massage

This is a 40 minute treatment which focuses holistic massage on the shoulders and neck. As most of us are already aware, these are areas that so often hold huge amounts of stress and tension. It's really the most common area I'm asked to work and for good reason.

If you spend long periods of time bent over a desk or doing physical work this type of targeted massage can work wonders in relieving pain and tension here.

If you use a mobile phone chances are you will find your neck and shoulders are often hunched over as you text or play another game of Candy Crush. Have a look at how much extra weight that puts on the delicate muscles of the neck and upper back!

A good massage for the neck and shoulders can also help to ease the mental stress and anxiety that often manifests itself in this area.

Also included in this treatment is a gentle lymphatic facial combined with a tension relieving head massage. This is designed to relax and revive.

The lymph nodes of the neck and head

There are over 300 lymph nodes in the face and neck, making this an ideal area to drain lymphatic fluid which benefits the whole system. I use a combination of traditional MLD techniques, gua sha and gentle facial cupping to relax the delicate facial muscles, shift any stagnant fluid and boost the circulation.

The head massage also helps relieve stress and reduce tension. It may also ease migraine or headache pain, lower blood pressure, improve circulation to your head and neck, and even promote hair growth. Plus it feels amazing!

I use apricot kernel oil on the face. This is a very gentle oil which absorbs very quickly. It also has a great deal of wonderful benefits which you can read all about here.

(If you are interested in buying apricot kernel oil for your home use I highly recommend getting it from Glastonbury based Fragrant Earth.)

If you have sensitive skin or allergies you are very welcome to bring your own facial oils or the facial part of the treatment can be done with no oil on the face if preferred.

The last important thing to note is as this involves a head massage you may wish to bring a hairbrush as your hair may get a bit messed up! The oil won't do any harm to your hair, in fact it can be great for hair, but if you don't want oil in your hair just let me know before we start.


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