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Hot & Cold Stone Massage Therapy

One of the therapies I offer is Holistic Stones - this is a hot and cold stone massage with holistic massage techniques.

If you haven't tried a hot stones treatment before you are in for a treat! The holistic stones treatment is a truly comforting and therapeutic experience. At its heart it is much the same as the Holistic massage but for one major difference - the stones!

The Hot Stones

I like to describe the feeling of getting a hot stones treatment as "having a massage in a really warm bath... but better". The stones are never heated so much as to cause pain, depending on how you respond to heat they can be gently warmed just enough to give a comforting heat that spreads around the body. Once the body is used to the heat, hotter stones can be used.

Hot stone massage

Using the heat in massage is so beneficial as it quickly allows your muscles to relax, allowing me to then work very deeply, without that hard pressure that you would have in a regular deep tissue massage. So you get the benefits that you would from a deep tissue massage without any of the pain!

Heat encourages vasodilation which means that the blood vessels in the area temporarily increase in size, allowing for better blood flow to that region. This improvement to your circulation brings many positive changes, your tissues are brought oxygen and nutrients quicker and the carbon dioxide and waste products are removed more efficiently.

Of course, these are benefits that you can get from a traditional massage - the heat just starts the process off quicker and allows for that deeper massage along with deeper relaxation!

As well as the therapeutic benefits of hot stones, another reason you may want to try this treatment is just how lovely it feels! If you regularly feel cold and find it hard to warm up you may find the warmth you get from the stones to be a real relief. If you are typically warm as a rule this may not be the treatment for you - you are the best judge here.

The Cold Stones

A question I get asked a lot is 'What's the deal with the cold stones?' It may be obvious how the hot stones can create that lovely warming, relaxation but why would anyone want icy cold stones on them?

Cold stone massage

True, the cold stones aren't right for everyone. They do work a charm if you have a specific injury that is currently healing. Personally I wouldn't use cold stones as a stand alone therapy, I would always combine this with the hot stones so that your body gets the most benefit. Just as the hot stones cause your blood vessels to dilate, the cold does the opposite and causes the same vessels to constrict. When using alternate hot and cold the effect is to almost pump the vessels up and down and get the fluids moving quickly and efficiently. So rather than heat alone, this combination of temperatures is more optimal in bringing oxygen and nutrients in and removing the waste from the tissues.

Want More Information?

If you would like to discuss getting a holistic stones treatment for yourself or are not sure if this is the right treatment for you, please do get in touch. We're all built differently so there's no one right answer but hopefully we can work together to find a solution that does help you on your wellness journey.


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