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After your MLD Treatment

Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment is very gentle but very powerful. After a treatment it is likely that you will feel very relaxed, possibly quite sleepy.

I heartily recommend that you schedule your MLD treatments at times when you can take time out to relax afterwards. This will give your body time to adjust after the treatment. Your lymphatic system will be working hard during this time, the best thing you can do to help is rest.

After your MLD treatments you may feel great, but you may find that as your body recalibrates you feel very tired, or even slightly ill. You may get a headache or body ache (like when you have flu). These are temporary conditions and it is important to recognise that if your body reacts 'negatively' this does not mean that the treatment didn't work properly or did you harm. Many systems in your body have to work after MLD as the body moves lymph and eventually destroys and removes toxins and harmful material.

Think of it as a spring clean for your body, it is hard work! No wonder you may feel tired and have these 'negative' symptoms afterwards. Be kind to yourself, give yourself some time to rest. Let the body settle and see how you feel.

Any reactions you may have will differ and remember, after your MLD you may find that your feel great! Just so you are aware of what may be, some possible reactions are:

  • Cough

  • Runny nose

  • Slight rash

  • Slight head / body ache

  • Frequent trips to the toilet (as the body works to remove toxins)

  • Perspiration (as above)

  • Different sleeping patterns - deep sleep or you may experience difficulty sleeping

The above symptoms are all normal as the body adjusts from the treatment. These should not continue for more than 24 - 48 hours.

You should never experience any pain during or after the treatment.


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