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How Often Should I Get MLD Treatment?

A single session of MLD may feel great but depending on your body and your condition it is unlikely to have a real lasting effect. In order to get the most out of your MLD treatments you may want to commit to more.

How often should you get MLD?
How often should you get MLD?

When booking your initial MLD session I recommend that you book a 60 minute treatment. During this time we will be able to decide together how to introduce the MLD technique. During the 60 minute treatment we may find we start with just 20 minutes of MLD and the rest of the time on a facial and head massage or a more traditional holistic massage.

Depending on your reasons for getting MLD you may find that you would benefit from multiple, shorter treatments within the first couple of weeks of your MLD journey. Little and often is often the best approach at first as your body acclimatises to the treatment.

Of course how often you choose to get MLD is a really personal decision and depends on so many factors. I try to be as flexible as possible with my MLD clients. I feel the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and are able to get enough, regular treatments to see benefits to your health.

If this all sounds a bit much, please don't let this put you off trying MLD as a one-off treatment! Most people in reasonable health would benefit from MLD and I generally recommend that if it's something that interests you, a good time to try out this treatment is around the start of winter as cold and flu season starts. It can also be a great thing to try in summer if you get seasonal allergies.


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